PPC Management Services

Get in-front of your ideal customers when they’re searching for your products or services with help from a PPC marketing agency.

Transparent PPC Management Services

We hear you – you’ve most likely been screwed over by another PPC Marketing Agency who sold you some cookie-cutter Google Ads service that they served on a gold platter. They most likely claimed that they could deliver you the world but left you with nothing but broken promises and zero results.

At the SMB Team, we stand for transparent PPC Managent Services so that each and every one of our clients understands exactly what they’re getting from their PPC Company.

At the end of the day, what you really care about is having a reliable PPC Agency whom you can trust and depend on.

If you’re tired of bounching around from PPC agency to PPC agency, then you’re in the right place. Your search stops here – the SMB Team is a premier PPC Management Agency who is equipped to become your “internal” PPC marketing agency.

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PPC Management Service Description

PPC Campaign Set Up
We’ll work closely with you to gather an understanding for your ideal client or customer and build your campaigns accordingly. We go through an extensive keyword analysis process to help us find the white space in your geography and location.

On-going PPC Optimizations
Optimizations are the lifeblood of your Pay Per Click campaigns, your dedicated digital account manager will be monitoring your campaigns daily to make micro-optimizations that could improve results and stretch your Ad Spend.

Branded Landing Page Design
As part of our conversion rate process, we create branded landing pages for your company that are separate from your main website. We’ll create a landing page(s) that come complete to look and feel like your company’s main site, while being optimized for results. 

Landing Page URL Hosting
We’ll purchase the domain of your landing page and host it for you, no hassle. We’ll work with you to determine if this should be a branded URL or not. 

Dedicated Digital Account Manager
You’ll have access to a digital account manager who will be working directly with you and on your campaigns to reach the business targets and KPI’s. Don’t worry, we aren’t some “ghost” agency who magically disappears. Your digital account manager will be in constant weekly (and sometimes, daily) communication with you.

Phone Call & Lead Tracking
We believe in tracking every single lead and phone call that is generated from our marketing campaigns. With every single one of our PPC packages, you’ll get phone call and lead tracking.  

Real-Time Email Notifications
You’ll know exactly when a lead or potential client comes in from one of our campaigns form fills. 

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Just Science

PPC Management Services designed for your business.

No need to worry about some cookie cutter marketing campaign. Your PPC campaign will be specifically tailored to your small-to-medium sized business.

Full ownership over your campaigns and data.

At the end of the day, all of your PPC campaigns, the data collected from those campaigns, and the accounts themselves are yours forever. We won’t hold them hostage from you.

Trusted by over 100 law firms in the United States & Canada.

The SMB Team has built our business on honesty, transparency and doing really good work. We understand the legal industry as if it were our own.

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