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Boost your company’s local online presence and show up when customer’s are searching with help from a local SEO marketing company.

100% Focused on Local SEO
Finding local search terms your business can actually rank for.

REAL Results In 90-Days
Our SEO plans are built for results in 90-Days or less.

Your Online Advocates
We monitor and collect reviews for your business as if it were our own.

100% Focused on Local SEO
Finding local search terms your business can actually rank for.

REAL Results In 90-Days
Our SEO plans are built for results in 90-Days or less.

Your Online Advocates
We monitor and collect reviews for your business as if it were our own.

Transparent SEO Services & Packages

We get it – your business doesn’t have years for your SEO strategy to start working. You’ve most likely been shmoozed over by an SEO Marketing Company before, but you never knew what they were actually doing.

What you’re really looking for is a transparent SEO Marketing Company who can deliver you profitable results without the waiting game, show you the actions they’re taking and the results you’re achieving.

At the SMB Team, we are a transparent SEO Marketing Company focused on local seo services and results. You can expect to see real results from your SEO campaigns in 90-days or less.

Local SEO Service Description

Dedicated Digital Account Manager

You’ll have access to a digital account manager who will be working directly with you and on your campaigns to reach the business targets and KPI’s. Don’t worry, we aren’t some “ghost” agency who magically disappears. Your digital account manager will be in constant weekly (and sometimes, daily) communication with you.

On Page SEO

We’re takin’ it back to basics. This service includes the nuts and bolts of On Page SEO. Everything needed in the “recipe” of your online presence: a dash of Meta Title, a sprinle of Meta Descriptions & hint of Meta Keywords. We’ll also take the time to carefully update and optimize your Image Alt Text & Local Schema so that your website is SEO & search engine friendly.

Technical SEO

Ah, the fun stuff! Technical SEO is vital to any comprehensive SEO Strategy. If your website has bugs, errors or is just flat out slow, no-one is going to stay on your page for very long.

This can result in a knock against you in the eyes of the mighty search engines & prevent your business from showing up. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll speed up your site, reduce your image sizes and discover any hidden bugs or website issues.

Reputation Management

Do you know what your customers and clients are saying about you? Don’t you wish that you could just be a fly on the wall. Don’t worry, we’ll act as the “eyes and ears” of your business online, helping you build a solid reputation through reviews and reputation management.

We’ll keep an eye out for any reviews or ratings that may hinder your SEO presence and protect your business from any damage.

Weekly Google My Business Posting

Your Google My Business is your online storefront, and should be treated that way. Improvements are always needed – from weekly “housecleaning” to updates & more. We’ll handle your GMB so that you don’t have to!

AMP Blog Post

What is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an initiative by Google to encourage web owners to create content specifically optimized by mobile. They do this by giving slight ranking boosts to content that is “AMP Optimized”. This is particularly important for blog posts and other forms of content with the highest chance of ranking on Organic Search results.

Here at the SMB Team, we help you capitalize on every advantage available by optimizing all of your current and future blog posts to be “AMP Optimized” by Google’s standards.

Content: 1,000+ Word Blog Posts

If content is King, then long form content is the Emperor. Google wants to rank content thats in-depth, relevant, and helpful to its users; something that a short five hundred word article can’t offer.

The SMB Team utilizes a proprietary content marketing strategy and content structure that keeps your readers interested, engaged, and converting on every blog post. You’ll soar through the rankings online while establishing yourself as a notable source within the space.

Custom Designed Article

Ever find a really well designed infographic or interactive blog post, that you thought was absolutely AWESOME, and just had to share with friends or family? Most of us probably have had this experience before, and often times, what made that post so unique wasn’t just the content… it was the packaging that content came in – IE. how well the content was visually designed.

Work with the SMB Team’s design and developer team, not only will we craft awesome in depth content, we’ll make sure its the most visually beautiful and functional content you’ve ever published.

Custom Designed Articles are pieces you’ll be proud to share with your current and future customers alike and are known to increase reader engagement, time spent on page, and reduce bounce rate. Its a heavy dose of AWESOMENESS that you can brag about and builds more trust with Google.

DashThis Live Reporting Dashboard

Monthly reporting is great, but do you know what’s even better? Live reporting on an instantly updating online dashboard!

Stay up to date on how well your SEO campaign is performing or track other metrics that are important to your business with our easy to use reporting software.

Local SEO Services From A Top-Rated SEO Marketing Company

Instead of spreading your SEO efforts too thin, we help you zero-in on your local SEO market and find your business areas of opportunity to generate real, quality leads in 90-days or less.

Let’s face it, your business doesn’t have years to wait for your SEO campaigns to start working. It’s time to make your SEO campaigns work for you.

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