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Manage Clients, Organize Cases, and Automate Tedious Tasks and Month-End Billing.

Stay organized, and manage your cases—from anywhere, anytime. Online Case Management functionality ensures every detail from every matter is captured whether that’s in person or through online tools and services such as Zoom, Skype, Call Ruby, Docusign & more!

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Document Digitization

Legal Document Scanning – Access Your File Cabinet Globally!

Once all of your legal documents are converted to electronic format you will be able to search, view, and distribute important documents with ease. Documents are captured and indexed according to key descriptive data that will allow users to find and access vital information within seconds.

Benefits of Document Scanning:


  • Immediate retrieval, viewing and distribution of documents from any location
  • Increased security of confidential files with password encryption
  • Improved customer service and increased productivity
  • Reduced clutter and improved organization of documents and case files
  • Put valuable and costly office space to better use by eliminating bulky file cabinets
  • Complete integration with your current case management or EDMS System
  • Peace of mind knowing your important data is secure, protected & compliant

Online Case Generation

Marketing Is About Tackling Challenges Head On


Your Search For Marketing Help Stops Here.

Marketing Strategy Plans

Branding + Asset Creation

Custom Website Development

PPC + SEO Campaign Setup

PPC + SEO Management

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