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Who We Are

ROI-Obsessed Marketers That Care About Growing Your Business

We help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) improve their sales, profitability & operations. We create industry-specific lead generation systems that create abnormally positive results for our clients over the long-term.

Bill Hauser

CEO / President

Bill is the visionary and CEO behind the SMB Team. From age 10 to 17, he was a nationally-ranked dirtbike racer and qualified for the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championships in 2007.

After breaking nearly 20 bones, he still loves extreme sports and hasn’t yet been locked in a padded room. Despite bumping his head a few too many times, he graduated magna cum laude honors from Temple University with degrees in Risk Management & Insurance, Finance and Psychology.

James Helm

Director of Business Development

James graduated cum laude from both Rutgers Law School and Rutgers School of Business in 2018.

During law school, he interned at the Third Circuit and took a Summer Associate position at a big insurance defense firm in Philadelphia.

In a shocking move to family and friends, James diverted from the traditional course after graduating with his JD/MBA to become a lead generation wizard with the SMB Team. Woohoo!

Drew Cannon

Digital Strategist

Drew was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. From a young age, he was exposed to the workings of a small business, helping run his dad’s bicycle shop. “With 4 boys, my mother needed a break on the weekends, SO I went to work with my father.” – Drew

Drew has been involved in marketing since the ripe age of 16. After working as a paralegal for 2 years after college, Drew went into the solar marketing industry where he found his calling as Director of Marketing for 10 years.

Dennis Berry

Director of Human Resources & Lead Recruiter

Dennis brings an open mind and passion for finding the top talent and brightest minds in the industry.

Who better to find rockstar marketers believe in the SMB Team’s mission than the man who exudes it everyday!

He strives to obtain lifetime relationships with our team members. In his spare time he enjoys longs walks through the city, sneakers, and occasionally channeling his inner Kanye West.

Scott McIlvaine

Digital Marketing Strategist

Scott comes to the SMB Team with 13+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing space.

He specializes in Pay-Per-Click and Conversion-Rate-Optimization. Scott’s favorite part about building campaigns is getting to know his clients, their goals and forming lifelong relationships with them.

In his spare time, Scott is truly a family man and loves to hang out with his kids and grandkids. His hobbies include renovating cars and playing with his two toy poodles: Mickey and Minnie!

Anthony Higman

Lead Legal Digital Strategist

Anthony got started in digital marketing in perhaps the most unlikely of sorts. He took a job in downtown Philadelphia in the mailroom of a nationally renown plaintiffs law firm. 

After years of hard work, he rose the ranks excelling in several different positions before becoming the firm’s in-house digital advertising manager and managing several multi-million dollar campaigns. Anthony’s parents always say, “He went from the mailroom to the boardroom!”

Since then, he has joined the SMB Team as our Lead Legal Digital Strategist and continuously strives to contribute value to our clients by strategizing innovative ideas and understanding the ins and outs of legal PPC.

Ronnie Deaver

Director of SEO & Website Development

Ronnie is a passionate digital marketer who built his career through freelancing, marketing, coaching and a whole lot of hard work. He’s generated millions in revenue through new product launches, managed sites with up to 10 million views per year in organic traffic, and created conversion rate optimization campaigns that more than doubled client revenue.

After traveling throughout Thailand and Cambodia, studying Buddhism, teaching ballroom dancing and living in a jungle meditation retreat for two months, Ronnie came home to Philly to build roots in the city and be near his closest friends and family.

Shortly thereafter, Ronnie met the SMB Team and it was love at first sight – a perfect culture match. Ronnie leads all of the SMB Team’s Web Development and SEO Operations and is building the processes necessary to take the SMB Team sales and services to the next level.


Emily Burgess

Director of Marketing

After graduating college with a degree in Communications, Public Relations & Digital Communication, Emily quickly took a job at one of the most well-known Ad Agencies in the industry.

She worked with premier brands in the lifestyle, pharmaceutical, travel and B2B verticals such as IHOP, Applebee’s, Sunovion, GSK & many more.

Emily comes to the SMB Team with a hunger to help smaller business grow. She loves being able to have a direct impact on the lives, businesses and careers of small & medium sized companies.

David Lacamera

Lead Marketing Consultant

David comes to the SMB Team with a rich background in paid advertising. 

After running his own digital marketing agency for 3+ years, Dave joined the SMB Team to spearhead the growth of our agency.  He enjoys helping educate business owners about digital marketing.

In his spare time, you can find Dave in the gym or meal prepping.

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