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Alexander Shunnarah

In Round 6 of the Lawyer Mastermind Webinar, Alexander Shunnarah shared how he scaled his law from to 2,500 billboards and the principles behind his massive success.

Mark O'Mara

In Round 6 of our Lawyer Mastermind Webinar, Mark O’Mara joined us to share his advice on how to get on the news, and leverage the media to grow your practice and your brand.

Lisa Bloom

In Round 9 of our Lawyer Mastermind Webinar, Lisa Bloom shares her advice for getting “Camera Ready” and tricks for virtual consultations with your clients. 

Glen Lerner

In Round 7 of our Lawyer Mastermind Webinar, Glen Lerner shares his formula for thinking long-term, and never reducing his goals.


What is the Lawyer Mastermind Webinar Series?

This is the largest lawyer-focused webinar series in the U.S. Every Tuesday, we bring you legal industry thought-leaders to teach you effective law firm management, growth, mindset, marketing & financial-management strategies.

We want to be THE source of positive news for attorneys and law firms all accross the United States.

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Bill Hauser, host of the Lawyer COVID-19 Webinar series, has decided to offer a free internet marketing bootcamp, due to requests from the audience.

For all lawyers that register, we dive deep into your website marketing strategy, SEO strategy, social media strategy & Google Ads strategy.

If you are paying for leads, we can analyze the lead sources that you are using and determine the best path for you and your practice area.

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