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And Our Unique Greatness.

What’s a unique greatness? Unique Greatness, by definition, is the intersection of what you love, and what you do best. In other words – it’s the things that come most naturally to you, and make you, you. Instead of some generic, semi-funny disclaimer or quote, we asked each of our team members what they believe their unique ability is. Except for the dog… She couldn’t really answer, so we appointed it to her.

Bill Hauser 

CEO + President

Unique Greatness: Coaching and challenging people.

Ronnie Deaver

Director of Web Dev + SEO

Unique Greatness: Working within complex systems and end-goal attainment.

Anthony Higman

Director of Paid Search

Unique Greatness: Research & creative problem solving.


Digtal Marketing Consultant

Unique Greatness: Continuous and persistent youthful optimism.

Dennis Berry

Recruiting & Culture Coach

Unique Greatness: Bringing out the best in his team.

Emily Burgess

Marketing Strategist 

Unique Greatness: Adaptability and design.

Greta Huber

Paid Search Manager

Unique Greatness: Systematically attacking problems, and organizing thoughts.

Shakur McKinney

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Having the ‘real button’, and simplifying issues.

Stephanie Olive

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Looking at problems from all angles to find the right solution.

Jared Bernhart

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Creative problem solving in any situation.


Executive Manager

Unique Greatness: Keeping Bill (and the rest of us) sane!


Office Pawresident

Unique Greatness: Sleeping.

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