Our Team

A Group That Cares About Growing Our Client’s Businesses.

Our Core Values

We help law firms 2X revenues in under 12 months with our Law Firm Marketing and Elite Coaching Services.

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Meet The “Team”

And Our Unique Greatness.

What’s a unique greatness? Unique Greatness, by definition, is the intersection of what you love, and what you do best. In other words – it’s the things that come most naturally to you, and make you, you. Instead of some generic, semi-funny disclaimer or quote, we asked each of our team members what they believe their uniqueness is. Except for the dog… She couldn’t answer, so we appointed it to her.

Bill Hauser, CEO of the SMB Team

Bill Hauser 


Unique Greatness: Coaching and challenging people.

brandon bowers

Brandon Bowers

VP of Operations

Unique Greatness: Organizing Bill’s brain and vision!

Greta Huber PPC Team Manager

Greta Huber

Director of Services

Unique Greatness: Systems. Project Management. Organizing everything.

Dennis Berry Director of Human Resources

Dennis Berry

Recruiting & Culture Coach

Unique Greatness: Bringing out the best in our team.

Emily Burgess Director of Marketing at the SMB Team

Emily Hauser

Director of Marketing

Unique Greatness: Being the “everything woman”. Adaptability and design.

stephanie olive

Stephanie Olive

Client Experience Manager

Unique Greatness: Looking at problems from all angles to find the right solution.

Jessica Figeuroa Executive Manager at the SMB Team


Coaching Manager

Unique Greatness: Deeply caring about our clients, and growing their firms!

Shakur McKinney PPC Account Manager at the SMB Team

Shakur McKinney

Landing Page & PPC Specialist

Unique Greatness: Having the ‘real button’, and simplifying issues.

sean hawkins smb team

Sean Hawkins

Client Experience Specialist

Unique Greatness: Being the most likeable person on the team!

Zac Lambert PPC Account Manager at the SMB Team

Zac Lambert

Client Experience Specialist

Unique Greatness: Being able to turn data into meaningful results for clients.

benjamin wendt smb team

Benjamin Wendt

Content Marketing Strategist

Unique Greatness: Words, on words, on words for days!

john ceranic smb team

John Ceranic

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Thinking strategically + connecting with our clients.

Nachum Balofsky SEO Account Manager at the SMB Team

Nachum Balofsky

SEO Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Relentlessly researching and implementing.

melody zheng smb team

Melody Zheng

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Passionate curiosity and being the ultimate teammate.

caitlin checkett smb team

Caitlin Checkett

Videographer + Video Editor

Unique Greatness: Being insanely creative + keeping the team laughing!

nick larosa

Nick LaRosa

PPC Account Manager

Unique Greatness: Being detail oriented and finding amazing PPC solutions!



Director of Stress Relief

Unique Greatness: Treats. Sticks.

jett hauser


Security Guard (In Training)

Unique Greatness: Stealing Jade’s treats & sticks.

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