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Let's face it, phone intake IS sales.

Once you face that truth, you'll open your firm up to all of the revenue being left on the table.

Most law firms think that “sales” is a bad word. But, let’s face it – law firm phone intake is a form of sales. It requires more than just answering the phone and saying, “Smith & Smith, what’s your problem?” or does your phone intake staff walk them through a series of qualifying questions?

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Welcome To SMB Sales University™

SMB Sales University™ is the only sales training available to lawyers that gives you an A to Z course on how to convert more leads into paying legal clients.

This online course helps train your staff on how to be phone intake professionals, not just receptionists. After completing this course, your staff will have tools and tactics in their arsenal to impact the top-line revenue of your law firm.


SMB Sales University™


10 Sales-Focused Trainings

There are 10 guided sections of sales training that are designed to give your staff a crash course in sales to convert more leads into paying clients


Sales & Objection Handling Scripts

SMB Sales University™ comes equipped with specific scripts for each step of the sales cycle. These are designed to cut through the fluff, and help you convert more leads.


Tools & Worksheets

Each training module comes complete with worksheets and visual guides so that your phone intake staff can quickly take action while on the phone with leads.

Ready To Stop Leaving Revenue On The Table?

Get your staff onto SMB Sales University™ and convert more leads into paying legal clients.