After working with over 70+ law firms across the country, we’ve seen quite a few marketing blunders when lawyers try to market their firms themselves. From not properly tracking leads, to setting up the wrong call-extensions, to bidding on the wrong keywords. We want to help YOU avoid making the same mistakes that we’ve seen.

Check out our latest YouTube video below that details these 3 mistakes.

Mistake #1: Optimizing Your Website For General Bucket Phrases

The number one mistake that we see law firms (and other agencies) make is optimizing your website for general, bucket phrases.

For example, instead of optimizing your website for “child custody attorney” you should optimize it for, “Houston Paternity Rights Attorney”. Not only are you specifying location, but you’re also speaking to the specific niche of law. You don’t only serve child custody clients in Houston, but you serve fathers and ensuring that dads have the right paternity rights.

However, if you optimize your website to ONLY say, “child custody attorney” – you will receive tons of unwanted and unqualified leads. If you’re a paternity rights lawyer, you wouldn’t want to field phone calls from mothers. If you only work with high net-worth individuals in their divorces and separations, getting phone calls from prospective clients looking for an affordable will become a nuisance.

Mistake #2: Having A Negative Disposition Towards Marketing / PPC

We hear it from our law firm clients all of the time, “I’ve been screwed over a marketing agency before”. Agencies and service providers have left a sour taste in attorney’s mouths because it’s really hard to find trustworthy agencies.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to let this thought pattern affect your law firm’s growth.

To be quite frank, PPC should be your number one or two source of cases online, consistently. Pay per click will not bring the cheapest leads, but it is a tremendous source of cases for the firm. It’s consistent.

Higher quality leads and cases come from PPC because people have search INTENT – they are looking for exactly what you offer. At the end of the day, paid ads and show up higher than the map section, and organic section of any search engine.

Mistake #3: Thinking Prospective Clients Will Close Themselves

The sales cycle doesn’t end when someone calls into your law firm. Don’t expect them to close themselves or sign up.

You need to follow up with them persistently and intensely. Hound them with phone calls, emails and even text messages. Be of service to them.

Make absolute sure that when leads come in, you (or your employees) are giving them great customer service, handling their concerns and getting them to sign up for your services and not expect them to call YOU.

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