Did you know: Microsoft owns both Bing & LinkedIn? This is a highly powerful combination that can not be overlooked! LinkedIn allows marketers and business owners to create campaigns that get them infront of highly targeted and relevant audiences. 

Most of our clients are shocked when we tell them the targeting capabilities of Bing. It’s almost as if Bing is the middle child of search engines: sometimes forgotten, but highly influential. With Bing’s integration with LinkedIn profile targeting, digital marketers and businesses alike are able to bring their businesses to highly relevant audiences.

LinkedIn is the fastest growing social network among professionals – they currently have 575 million global members. That number keeps growing every single day. Imagine the possibilities and untapped market that Bing provides.

So, in today’s blog post we’re going to tell you exactly why you should start utilizing the power of Bing Advertising.

Reason #1: Coke vs. Pepsi

Many online searchers are married to either Google or Bing – very few flip flop between the two. If you’re only advertising on one platform, think of all the clients you’re never getting in front of.

60 million. There are 60 million online searchers that you’re not reaching if you only use Google for your PPC and SEM. It’s the whole Apple vs. Android, Coke vs. Pepsi debacle. Most online users are married to either Google or Bing. If you’re only targeting those who prefer to use Google, you’re missing out on a huge audience over on Bing. There are over 137 million unique searchers on Bing – these individuals are generating over 6 billion monthly searches.

Reason #2: Audience Demographics

Bing has a much different audience demographic than Google. Here’s how they differ:

Another huge advantage of Bing is that the household income per user is higher than other search engines. Over one-third of all searchers on Bing have a household income of over $100K+. For certain industries, campaigns and businesses, this can be a huge advantage.

For example, if you are a law firm who specializes in high net-worth and high asset divorces, advertising on Bing could be a huge differentiation point! You will be able to get in-front of unique users that you’re missing out on by only advertising on Google. Additionally, you will start to pull in more qualified leads and clients that are actually able to afford your services.

How many times do you get a call from a potential case, but they’re looking for “free” work from you. They just want to have a lawyer hear them out. Most times, they want to know that their case is valid & that their needs are heard. By the end of the call, you tell them how much your fees will cost and their jaw nearly drops. This problem could be drastically improved if you were showing up on a platform that has an audience more closely aligned with your target audience.

Additionally, most searchers on Bing have a Bachelor’s degree or more (over 33% to be exact). This means that they will most likely (not all of the time) have a higher paying job, in a job position that you’re looking to work with, etc.

Reason #3: LinkedIn Profile Targeting

Reach more relevant audiences than ever before. Think companies, industries & jobs!

Most people are unaware that Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26B in 2016. Since then, they have slowly begun integrating with Bing advertising – allowing marketers and business owners to reach more qualified users.

As you may (or may not) know, through Bing Advertising, you’re able to target over 80,000 different companies. You can target companies as large as Salesforce, to as boutique as a start-up. As you can see, this may be increasingly useful for law firms and attorneys. For instance, let’s say that you’re an employment lawyer who’s only looking to defend employee’s who have been wrongfully terminated or are negotiating a severance from Fortune 500 companies. You are able to narrow down on the individual companies that you’re looking to go after.

You can also broaden your targeting and advertise to specific industries. Let’s say that your law firm is a divorce firm who’s only interested in working with higher net-worth individuals. Instead of marketing to the masses, you can zero-in on your ideal audience. With this, more quality and qualified leads and clients will be brought to your law firm!

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