So, you’re paying for leads, but you aren’t converting a high percentage of them into paying customers. You focus on generating more leads, but do you focus equally as much on increasing your conversion rate? Recent studies show that for every $92 dollars a business spends on generating a lead, they only spend $1 on converting that lead. This is SAD. We need to start focusing on conversions and not phone calls and email inquiries (leads).

Here’s the cold hard truth…If you don’t know the rules when it comes to converting your leads into paying customers at high rates, you will waste a TON of money on your lead generation. However, if you can learn how to apply the most important rules when it comes to converting leads in your small business, you can become one of the most reputable and profitable businesses in your local market. The SMB Team is here to help you not only generate more leads, but also to help you convert more leads. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top 8 mistakes that businesses make when it comes to converting leads. Then, let’s look at the 7 ways you can solve these problems, so that you can increase your conversion rates and live a happier life!

8 Most Common Problems With Converting Leads

  1. You let phone calls go to voicemail
  2. You leave people waiting on the phone too long
  3. You’re not capturing your leads information or email address
  4. You have uneducated staff members answering the phone
  5. You do not have any customer follow-up protocol
  6. You don’t have a script for inbound calls
  7. Your phone representatives don’t have sales skills
  8. Your 19 year old niece is answering the phone…unskilled


7 Ways You Can Solve These Problems

  1. Do not let calls go to voicemail
  2. Do some secret shopping on your salespeople
  3. Use call recording
  4. Invest in Sales Training (The SMB Team offers free Sales Training for most of our customers)
  5. Use Sales Systems and Scripts
    1. Write out scripts
    2. Example: “Oh, Mr. Jacobs isn’t at the phone right now, but he wants to make sure he talks to you, so let me get his calendar. I see he’s available this Thursday at 11AM or 2:30PM and Friday between 9AM and 10:30AM. If you get your calendar out right now, let’s schedule a time when it’s good for you.”
  6. Always Capture Contact Information – Especially Email
  7. Use Email Marketing
    1. You can do weekly blasts with the following content
      1. Sales and special promotions
      2. Customer stories
      3. Video posts
      4. Articles with helpful tips


How To Use This Information To Improve Conversion Rates

The above points aren’t suggestions, they are ESSENTIALS! Simply apply one of the 7 ways you can convert more leads per month (or per-week), and before you know it, your company will be MUCH more profitable. And, if you are interested in learning more about The SMB Team’s free sales training program, then please reach out to us at [email protected] today!