Instagram for lawyers: is it a waste of time? Many attorneys dismiss social media for generating new cases, simply because it isn’t a traditional marketing option, isn’t likely to create quick ROI, or doesn’t seem “serious” enough for the field. If you’ve been tempted to skip Instagram in the past for these and other reasons, now might be the time to rethink your beliefs.

For many lawyers, social media marketing is intimidating. There is a lot of potential value in marketing on Instagram, but you have to be willing to break through your comfort barriers and take massive action. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and build a brand around yourself.

No one understands this better than Ali Awad, AKA the CEO Lawyer (@ceolawyer), who has an incredible, engaged following of 250,000 on Instagram. We spoke with Ali at one of our recent webinars about getting comfortable with leveraging social to grow your firm. There were some huge takeaways that you can apply to your own firm to build a strong brand based on your personality and expertise.

Why Instagram for Lawyers?

Why Instagram? Because depending on your practice area, that might be where your ideal customers are spending their time.

Many attorneys don’t think social media works for law firms, but the truth is that for some niches, like personal injury (Ali’s practice area), sticking with traditional mediums isn’t the best way to stand out. Your firm can attract the right kind of attention on Instagram if you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and commit to creating content that engages people. On Instagram, you need to go all-in and lean into your personality, as Ali has done in building his CEO Lawyer brand.

Getting creative is the best way to build buzz for your firm. Instagram gives you the opportunity to easily post videos, photos, questions, and giveaways, which are all great ways to gain more followers and add value for prospective leads. Ali keeps it fun by adding interesting visuals and general-interest topics that are accessible and incredibly helpful.

Start With The Fundamentals: Questions & Answers

If you’re not sure where to start with Instagram for lawyers, go back to the basics. People always have questions, and answering your firm’s biggest frequently asked questions is a fantastic way to provide value and to find lots of great content topics.

Not sure which questions to answer first? Ask! You could do an AMA (ask me anything) in your stories and save the most popular questions and answers for future videos and graphics.

Remember, as you grow your Instagram account, you will learn more about what your followers want and your content strategy will grow organically over time. By starting with the fundamentals, though, you won’t run out of content anytime soon.

Go Live With Your Clients on Instagram

How often do you ask for testimonials and reviews from clients? It’s a good habit to get into, regardless of your niche. But what about stepping that practice up even further and going live with real clients to talk about their results?

Ali realized that practically no other lawyers in his niche were talking specific settlement numbers and bringing clients on for video testimonials, so he decided to use the opportunity to stand out. He brought clients on live with their big settlement checks and celebrated their successes! Instagram is a great platform for these kinds of enhanced testimonials because the content is inspiring, interesting, and easy to share.

Look For Fresh Content Opportunities Everywhere

On his CEO Lawyer accounts, Ali Awad doesn’t just stick with content strictly about personal injury law. He’s selling himself as much as he’s selling his services! He keeps things fresh and constantly tests out new types of content, mixing informational videos with pop quizzes, live testimonials, memes, and content about topics like taxes and business information.

This is a great approach for a few reasons. First, it keeps Ali from running out of content. There’s a lot to say about personal injury law, but those topics could easily start to feel stale after a while. It also helps to keep the account exciting, interesting, and diverse. There’s something for everyone, and Ali can more easily keep his followers engaged.

Most importantly, the diverse content Ali posts allows him to showcase his personality and build a brand. People are looking for connection and authenticity in modern marketing. The CEO Lawyer is a great example of how Ali has built his brand on his personal strengths and what sets him apart, not just the cases he’s worked on.

Start Small: Target The People Who Already Know You

You don’t have to build a following like Ali’s right away. Start small! The best way to get started is to target your existing network.

Everyone has their own personal network. Those people who are closest to you will know you’re a lawyer, but not everyone in your larger social circle will. Invite your personal network to follow you on Instagram so that you can begin to build awareness and engagement.

You have to start somewhere. Celebrities can get hundreds of thousands of followers quickly, but lawyers have to earn the attention and trust of their network. It takes time to build that trust and following, but it can end up bringing in lots of new revenue over time.

Remember: It’s About Lead Quality

Creating great content takes time and money. There’s no getting around it. Lawyers typically have to spend a lot more per lead than service providers in other markets. With that said, there can be a massive return on investment in the end.

Ali’s cases sometimes cost over $3000 to acquire—but then end up gaining the firm around $17,000 in legal fees for the firm. The return on investment (ROI) is good, even though the cost per lead is unusually high. Why? Because his marketing strategies are bringing in top-quality cases. Lead quality is more important than lead volume because it’s a more efficient and profitable way to do business!

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Instagram for lawyers isn’t a waste of time if you really go all-in on the platform and take massive action. You have to give people a reason to follow you by posting consistent, valuable content. Branding yourself takes effort, but it can pay off over time by generating new cases and revenue with a great return on investment.

Not sure where to start in stepping up your social media game? SMB Team offers customized solutions for law firms that don’t require a huge investment of time or money. Our team’s dedication to transparency and our experience in legal marketing helps give attorneys peace of mind while generating incredible results. Schedule a free consultation for online marketing to find the best social media platform for your practice area and start implementing strategies that really work.

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