Being a lawyer in the 21st century is easy. I’m sure high-value cases predictably flock to your firm easily and effortlessly, every single day of the week. Best of all, you don’t have to waste any money on advertising because you know 100% of the time what works to consistently pull in high verdict-potential cases! Right?




Internet advertising for lawyers is getting more and more expensive by the day. Fun Fact: Did you know that on Google 23 of the 25 most expensive search terms online include the words “lawyers” and “litigation” in them?


For small and medium-sized law firms, picking up new cases over the internet is becoming a game of inches. Every microscopic detail of your firm’s internet marketing strategy needs to be focused on efficiency, effectiveness and exclusion. Otherwise, you will run yourself out of business with the “spray and pray” vanity campaigns that cost tens-of-thousands of dollars and hopefully pull in 1 case over the course of 3 months.


We all know that the two fastest places to generate traffic for your law firm are via the search engines (Google and Bing) and via social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…). However, getting high-quality traffic via audience, demographic and keyword targeting is only one-half of the battle. The real question is what are you doing to convert that traffic into actual phone calls and cases for your firm?




If you’ve ever done PPC for your law firm, I HOPE you know about the importance of landing pages. Landing pages are one of the top ways to squeeze an ROI out of every advertising dollar you spend online (whether the traffic is coming from Google, Bing or Facebook).


Every landing page consists of two simple things:

  1. Layout
  2. Content


Successful Lawyer Landing Page Layout

If you’re looking to generate leads (free consultations, perhaps), you need a phone number at the top of the page (with a call-to-action beneath it). Then, you need an image or video above-the-fold to introduce the visitor to your firm *preferably with faces in it*. Finally, you need a headline/ sub-headline that speaks to your unique selling proposition.


The layout of successful landing pages has already been proven on mobile and desktop, based on years and years of legal marketers split-testing campaign success rates. If you are interested in seeing the exact landing page layout we use to generate 6,000 to 10,000 leads per-year for the law firms we work with, make sure you reach out and speak with someone on our team.


Lawyer Landing Page Content

Considering you have a effective mobile and desktop layout for your law firm’s ppc landing page, the information you put on that landing page is going to make or break your campaign’s success and ROI.


So, drum roll please…


These are the 5 most important pieces of information (not listed in any particular order) to include on every single one of your law firm’s PPC landing pages:


  1. Win/Loss Records
  2. Accolades (3rd Party Rating Systems)
  3. Recent Settlements
  4. Video: Firm Introduction OR Niche-Specific
  5. Reviews from former clients


Ok, now let’s break down each of these 5 pieces of vital landing page content.


  1. Win/Loss Records

For this one, I’m not saying you want to specifically list out cases you’ve won or lost. What I’m saying is we’ve found it is very effective to simply list a percentage on the landing page (something like “95% success rate”). This makes it easier for a prospective client to see what the future outcome could/ would look like if they decide to work with your firm for their case.


  1. 3rd Party Accolades

Make sure you include accolades on your PPC landing pages. However, make sure all of the accolades listed are from 3rd party sources. It is very important that you are not tooting your own horn on your landing page. So, feature things like your average rating on Google, Yelp, AVVO,, etc…


  1. Recent Settlements

This is a biggie. This adds meat to the bones of your Win/Loss Records. We have found it is best to list recent settlements that are similar to the practice area niche of the landing page. For example, don’t list recent birth injury settlements on a nursing home abuse landing page. We have also found it is best to list recent settlements at the bottom of your landing page.


  1. Video: Firm Introduction or Niche-Specific

We have seen the highest conversion rates from our landing pages that have one of two types of video. The first type of video that works is a “Firm Introduction” video. This type of video introduces your landing page visitor to your firm from a zoomed-out perspective. The second type of video that we have seen work REALLY well is a niche-specific video. For example, having a 1-2 minute video on “What to do if you are injured in a car accident” on your auto accident landing page (preferably above-the-fold).


  1. Reviews From Former Clients

Social proof. This is an easy one. However, it is not to be confused with 3rd Party Accolades. On your landing page, you want to include anywhere between 2-5 testimonials from your past clients. These testimonials can be pulled from your Google reviews and/or any direct testimonials you have received from clients. We have seen the best success with video testimonials, but you will still see an improvement in results if you simply include a picture of the client and what positive comments they had to say about your legal services.


I sincerely hope this information helps you generate a higher ROI through your existing law firm PPC strategy.


If you would like to talk to someone on our team about how we can help you generate a 10X ROI through highly-targeted PPC and practice-area specific landing pages, then please email me directly at [email protected].


To Your Success!

Bill Hauser


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