Like the fashion industry, SEO for lawyers trends are constantly changing. As an owner or marketing director of a law firm, your job is crush your competition by staying up-to-date on Google’s ranking algorithms and SEO strategies recent developments. No one promised that being the best would be easy, but with these useful 2019 SEO for lawyers trends, you’ll definitely be a step ahead of other law firms.


1.) Produce Long And Interactive Blog Posts

Let’s get something clear from the get-go: there is expected to be a big push toward longer and more interactive blogs posts next year. When you check out the first page of any search engine results, you’ll notice that Google favors websites that contain long and comprehensive content. So if you want to get on Google’s good side, you now know what to do.


But make sure that you don’t sacrifice your integrity just to be Google’s best friend. The long content that you create shouldn’t contain a lot of fluff. As you are keeping your target audience in mind, you should be able to form long blog posts that clearly communicate its intended message.


2.) Re-Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Did you know that one of the most important law firm SEO trends for this upcoming year is mobile-first indexing? That’s right! Making your website user-friendly is no longer something you do as a favor for mobile users. If you want to rank high on Google, optimizing your website for mobile use is now a necessity. Although Google has started migrating websites to this type of ranking earlier this year, the desktop version will not be officially taking a back seat until sometime next year.


But now is the time to act. The mobile version is expected to take a seat upfront as it will soon be the primary one that Google uses for rankings.


3.) Prepare For Voice Search In Your SEO

According to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, roughly 20 percent of the queries from mobile users are voice searchers through popular mobile apps such as Cortana, Siri, and Google Now. Studies show that by 2020, voice searches will account for as much as 50 percent of the total number of online queries. In order to optimize for voice search, you should consider using long, conversational words, natural language, and question phrases in your content.


If the magic genie makes these predictions a reality, it looks like Siri is officially here to stay, and you can say hello to the future of SEO voice search. While not everyone is eager to embrace voice search as a SEO for law firms trend, you better be ready to hop on board the voice command optimization train next year.


4.) Get Ready For Position Zero, Featured Snippets

As you are thinking about the best ways to leave your competition in the dust, don’t miss the opportunity to rank in position 0 with a featured snippet on Google. A featured snippet appears at the very top of the search page, above the regular search results. Along with the page title and URL, the featured snippet contains a very brief description of a page’s content in response to a user’s query.


Since your law firm is in the business of answering frequently asked questions, a featured snippet is a great opportunity for you. To take advantage of this opportunity, consider presenting your blog posts and website content in a question and answer format. Make sure that the answer paragraph is between 40 and 55 words. Answering the question as fully as possible with images and data will also increased the odds of your content being a featured snippet. That way Google will be able to use a short answer from your page as a featured snippet.


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