It’s very simple, it’s 2019… Either evolve or expire. The words “marketing” or “social media” or “advertising” may be overwhelming to you. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at marketing in the past with little to no return. But, if the future is any predictor of the past… Social media and paid advertising isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to take your online marketing and brand presence seriously.

Social media can be an extremely useful tool to help grow your law firm! Whether you’re a novice, beginner or experienced business owner this blog post can act as a checklist. We’re going to share 5 helpful tips in this post that you should avoid making!

Tip #1: Update Your Website

You need to think of your website as an online billboard! With the attention span of today’s digital consumer, you have a few seconds to capture their attention. Failing to do so can result on you missing out on their business. The online world is rapidly changing. There are new updates every single day. One day, a “best practice” can become a “red flag” to the algorithms of: Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Failing to comply to these internet best practices could potentially hurt your business’s online presence.

Whether it’s changes to the functionality, copy, creative visuals or anything else – staying on top of your website is a must. Simple changes such as including a form fill, or a click-to-call number can dramatically improve your law firm’s PPC campaign. An update to your website’s blog can bring in more SEO leads.

Tip #2: Stay On Top of Your Google My Business Listing

Have you moved recently? Changed your phone number? Updated your services?

All of these changes to your business need to be reflected online! Let’s say that your law firm now practices personal injury. As a result, you should update and reflect this on your website accordingly so that your prospective clients to know. You will never show up for a personal injury search online if those words are not displayed on your website!

Now let’s take another example. Say that your firm is moving on from practicing family law. You will need to remove this as part of your offerings on your website. If you don’t, you’ll continue to receive phone calls and inquiries relating to family law.

When it comes to your online presence, you need to remain as timely as possible so that you avoid any confusion or headaches.

Tip #3: Focus On Customer Reviews

It’s no surprise that word of mouth marketing and referrals are the oldest, and most successful, form of advertising. So, why aren’t you using them online?

Online reviews for your law firm, whether they’re on your Google My Business Listing or Facebook Profile, are one of the most powerful forms of social proof! These reviews act as online referrals from your past clients. By focusing on collecting reviews from your customers, you’ll earn more trust from prospective clients. In addition, you will boost your local SEO rankings by having your customers leave you reviews.

How many times have you been in the market for a cleaning service, landscaper or electrician. The first place that you turn to is Google, Bing or some other search engine. Not only do you want to search for potential companies, but you also want to read reviews from past customers and/or clients. By doing so, you ensure that who you hire is honorable and trustworthy, and this makes you more likely to choose them for your needs!

There are numerous ways that you can collect customer reviews. For starters, you should have an automated email sent out after a case is closed. You don’t want to persuade your clients in either direction as that would be misleading. Just simply ask them for a review and/or feedback once you have worked with them. If you have provided adequate service, most times they will leave you a positive review!

So, next time that you’re on the fence about your marketing strategy, remember this: evolve or expire! As you see laid out in this blog post, updating your online presence is simple! By adjusting a few things on your website, Google My Business, and asking for more reviews… You’ll make dramatic improvements in your law firm’s online presence.