G-3™ Marketing Method for Law Firms

Taking your ads on the two highest trafficked websites in the world and making them case-generating machines for your practice.

Custom Tailored Solution Designed For Your Firm Using G–3™.

The legal marketing landscape has changed, what about your strategy?

google ads for lawyers

Search Ads

Are you capturing the most amount of attention from your PPC Search Ads? When combined with the other ad-types in G-3™, you’ll get a leg up on your competition.

youtube ads for lawyers

Awareness Ads

Tired of losing traffic to your competitors? Increase your brand awareness & presence in your local market by unlocking the “Blue Ocean” ad placements of G-3™.

local services ads for lawyers

Local Services Ads

Are Local Services Ads disrupting your current marketing campaigns? Don’t turn a blind eye to this new ad format. Get ahead of the curve, before your competitor’s do.


The Brand New G-3™ Marketing Method

There are tons of different marketing platforms you can use to get new leads for your law firm. But can we make a suggestion? How about getting your ads on the two HIGHEST-TRAFFICKED websites in the world – Google and YouTube?

We hear you. You’ve probably been screwed over by a different PPC Agency for lawyers who sold you some cookie-cutter Google Ads service on a golden platter only to give you nothing but broken promises and ZERO results.

Did you know that for every 50-200 lawyers marketing on Google Ads, there’s only one lawyer marketing on YouTube? It’s a golden opportunity very few lawyers are taking advantage of. And with the introduction of Google’s Local Services Ads, you can get 166% more clicks through LSA’s than you would with a regular Google Ad. Are you using all three?

Your search for your Google Marketing expert stops here. We’re introducing a brand-new way to manage your Google marketing so that your marketing dollars become lead-generating machines. The G-3 Marketing Method puts everything under one umbrella and creates “direct-awareness” for your law firm to stand out from your competitors. With our mastery of keywords and the untapped goldmine of “arbitrage” searches, we know precisely how to get your firm at the top of the 1st page of Google.


+ Set Up Fee

Google Ads, LSAs, Direct Awareness (+ YouTube)

Minimum Ad Spend

Maximum Ad Spend


+ Set Up Fee

Google Ads, LSAs, Direct Awareness (+ YouTube)

Minimum Ad Spend

Maximum Ad Spend


+ Set Up Fee

Google Ads, LSAs, Direct Awareness (+ YouTube)

Minimum Ad Spend

Maximum Ad Spend


+ Set Up Fee

Google Ads, LSAs, Direct Awareness (+ YouTube)

Minimum Ad Spend

Maximum Ad Spend

Each campaign is tailored specifically for your law firm.
Note: Your best strategy may not include the use of all three platforms

PPC Management Service Description

PPC Campaign Set Up
We’ll work closely with you to gather an understanding for your ideal client or customer and build your campaigns accordingly. We go through an extensive keyword analysis process to help us find the white space in your geography and location.

On-going PPC Optimizations
Optimizations are the lifeblood of your Pay Per Click campaigns, your dedicated digital account manager will be monitoring your campaigns daily to make micro-optimizations that could improve results and stretch your Ad Spend.

Branded Landing Page Design
As part of our conversion rate process, we create branded landing pages for your company that are separate from your main website. We’ll create a landing page(s) that come complete to look and feel like your company’s main site, while being optimized for results.

Landing Page URL Hosting
We’ll purchase the domain of your landing page and host it for you, no hassle. We’ll work with you to determine if this should be a branded URL or not.

Dedicated Digital Account Manager
You’ll have access to a digital account manager who will be working directly with you and on your campaigns to reach the business targets and KPI’s. Don’t worry, we aren’t some “ghost” agency who magically disappears. Your digital account manager will be in constant weekly (and sometimes, daily) communication with you.

Phone Call & Lead Tracking
We believe in tracking every single lead and phone call that is generated from our marketing campaigns. With every single one of our PPC packages, you’ll get phone call and lead tracking.

Real-Time Email Notifications
You’ll know exactly when a lead or potential client comes in from one of our campaigns form fills.

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