In an effort to improve the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns on mobile, the advertising platform giant has recently rolled out a beta test for lead forms.

To be quite frank, mobile conversion rates are much lower than those on desktop.


Because of accidental clicks, mobile searchers researching on-the go, and less intentionality behind mindless scrolling on the phone.

Google took note of this, and introduced a new ad extension that was designed specifically for mobile users. Similar to Facebook Lead Form ads, the contact information that is pre-saved on the mobile phones is auto-populated, making it more seamless for potential customers to submit their contact information and turn into a lead for a business.

What Are Google Lead Forms?

Google lead forms are extensions that can be added onto a paid search ad on mobile. It allows for potential customers to easily provide their contact information directly on the search engine results page (SERP) on Google.

Google’s hope with this latest beta test, is that more mobile searchers are motivated to submit their information because of how no-nonsense and easy the lead forms are. 

What are The Advantages of Utilizing Google Lead Form Ads?

We all know that dominating the mobile screen is the name of the game.

Since mobile phone screens are much smaller than those of tablets or computers, having a longer ad that takes up more of the screen space is every markter’s advantage.

Google lead form ads take up more space on the mobile SERP, and

What are The Disadvantages of Utilizing Google Lead Form Ads?

A common complaint with Facebook’s lead form ads is that they produce more “spam” and phony leads.

People who accidentally submit a form, or who leave fake phone numbers and email addresses.

The hope with Google lead form ads is that these leads will be a lot more motivated and qualified, given the nature and intentionality of Google Ads as a whole.

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