Have you heard the news? Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft is officially changing the name of their advertising platform from Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising in an effort to make a splash in the digital marketing space. Microsoft Execs believe this will be a “simple shift” due to the fact that their clients and partners already refer to them as Microsoft.

The tech giant states that they’ll be rolling out new advertising products in 2019 with artificial intelligence integrations.

They’re also rolling out Sponsored Products as a counterpart to “Google Shopping” which offers recommendations of products based upon searches. This is a huge step forward for e-commerce businesses who are looking to market their products in a cost effective way. After all, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) is notoriously cheaper per click than Google.

The changes have already been made effective with BingAds.com becoming MicrosoftAdvertising.com – which, in our opinion, is a seamless transition. Microsoft is a household name, Bing (used by 1.3b people monthly) is almost like the forgotten step-sister with most of the population unaware that Microsoft owns Bing (just like they own LinkedIn).

How Does This Impact Our Clients?

Only time will tell if this rebrand will be worthwhile for Microsoft. Our instinct is that it will – creating a seamless transition from “Bing Ads” to “Microsoft Advertising” makes a lot more logical sense in the eyes of our clients.

If anything, this is a positive sign that Microsoft is only going to continue building out their offerings and products with Microsoft Advertising. We can come to expect more AI integrated solutions for advertisers (and businesses).

We stand by the notion that Bing is a powerful hidden resource, depending on the niche of your business. The cost per click and lead is much lower than that of Google. If you’re looking for more resources on Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing), check out this helpful article.