Here’s the truth about marketing your small Family Law firm:

It’s overwhelming.

You’re a lawyer and chances are that marketing isn’t your strong suit. 

But you do understand how important it is.

“If I could just figure out this marketing thing, I’d be able to generate more leads for my law firm.”

Has that thought passed through your mind?

We thought so.

The fact of the matter is, failing to take action on building out your marketing firm’s online presents hurts your business for years. 

Failing to take action today results in a loss tomorrow.

But don’t be worried, we’ll walk you through three proven strategies to marketing your law firm online. 


The Pay-Per-Click Approach: Generate Immediate Cases

Chances are you’ve been approached by a company before to market your law firm – you tried it, and it failed.

That’s because most agencies have no idea what they’re doing, nor do they care to take the time to figure it out.

Here’s the reality:

Marketing isn’t a “one size fits all” industry. The same campaign that worked for one niche of law isn’t necessarily going to glean the same results when applied to a different niche.

Don’t let these prior experiences shield you from experimenting with PPC again – paid advertising is a proven method for generating immediate cases.

Things To Consider When Running A PPC Campaign:

Who is your target consumer?

Most times when someone is researching a divorce attorney, they’re making a very calculated decision that comes with a lot of emotional steam.

In most cases, hiring a divorce attorney is almost the last straw in a long, drawn out situation where emotions are high and a lot is on the line.

The first place that a potential client is going to turn to is their phone.

Navigating to search engines (either Google or Bing) is second nature to anyone with a smart phone or computer. Chances are, they’re going to type in, “best divorce lawyer near me” or “Atlanta divorce lawyer”.

If you aren’t running any campaigns, or don’t have a solidified organic strategy in place, you’re missing out on valuable clients who need your services.

The Long Term Play: SEO

Search engine optimization is a longer-term generation to bring in cases and clients.

Essentially, patience is a requirement and timing is of the essence.

The sooner that you start implementing your organic strategy, the better. Folks who started ranking their websites organically in the search results years ago, have built up a solidified foundation of domain authority, back links and trust with the search engines.

However, don’t let this sway you from creating a solid SEO strategy for yourself.

Like we said, timing is of the essence.

An SEO campaign started today is a better, more solidified place on the search engines results page in the future.

So, what can you do to start implementing your organic strategy now?

We recommend cleaning up your on-page SEO and business listings.

This includes: making sure that the correct information is displayed on your website and within your Google My Business listing.

Ensure that you’re actually practicing in the areas in which you state on your website.

You’d be astonished at the number of lawyers we come across that no longer practice “criminal law”, yet still have it listed on their website.

So, next time that you’re overwhelmed, wondering how on earth you’re going to market your family law firm… Return to this blog post!

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