Are you aware of the secrets to converting website visitors into loyal clients for your law firm?

Here’s a little hint: intelligently-crafted PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with conversion-optimized landing pages WORKS!

If you want to discover the best strategies to pull in cases and not waste money, you’ll have to continue reading to discover the answers.

TIP #1: Specific Keywords Produce The Biggest Wins… Seriously!

Do you use general keywords in your firm’s PPC strategy to try to attract clients?

Before you stop and check your records, let’s save time by just saying “NO” to short keywords such as “injury lawyer” and “accident attorney” from here on out. These are also known as “head” keywords, these general terms are simply too costly, and only the large law firms can afford to compete in this arena.

But no worries, there are plenty of other alternatives to head keywords, so keep your head up! Yes, that pun WAS intended!

Just so you know, long-tail keywords and body keywords are definitely the way to go.

Contrary to head keywords that correlate to a single word in a query, body keywords contain two to three word phrases like “family divorce lawyer” and long-tail keywords four or more word phrases like “family divorce lawyer near me.”

When you target long-tail keywords and body keywords, you ensure that you are being as specific as possible.

So, if you are a personal injury lawyer, consider bidding on more specific keywords such as “motorcycle accident lawyer” and “semi-truck accident lawyer” instead of simply “personal injury lawyer.”

When it comes to keywords, make sure that you keep your niche and buyer intent in mind. It’s also important to select specific keywords that reflect your most profitable practice areas.

By choosing specific keywords versus general ones, you will attract more potential clients interested in your unique services rather than general “browsers.”

Raise your hand if this rings a bell, and we’ll give you a high-five that you’ll always remember! 

TIP #2: Forget Broad Match Keywords – Only Use Phrase, Exact, And Broad Modified Match Keywords

Did you know that keywords are usually grouped by match type?

To ensure that your ad is triggered on Google, you want to always make sure that you are using the right match types.

The match type for keywords are broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

Even if you’re not Sherlock Homes, you could probably guess that broad match ensures that a keyword triggers your ad when a potential client searches for a broad phrase like “family lawyer” or “lawyer near me.” Although a broad match is likely to generate more clicks, there’s a good chance that your services will not be relevant to majority of the searchers. Because of this possibility, never use broad match……EVER! For your purposes, broad match keywords are simply a waste of money.

The best match types to use are broad match modified, phrase match, and exact match.

When you modify a broad match keyword, results that appear in the search engine would be some close variation but not synonym of the keyword.

For example, if you modified the keyword “family lawyer,” the phrase “family attorney photos” could also trigger your ad.

Great news! Phrase match keywords are also worth using. Phrase match lets a keyword trigger your ad when they are in the same order as mentioned by you. If your keyword is “family lawyer,” then you ad will be shown for queries such as “family lawyer in Miami.”

With exact match type, your ad will be shown to searchers only if their query exactly matches your bidded keyword. Let’s do another example, shall we? If your keyword is “[family lawyer],” then your ad will only show for the search query “family lawyer.”

TIP #3: Long Live Practice-Area Specific Landing Pages

Important: The following sentence is said in the nicest way possible.

If you are getting many clicks but no conversions, there is something seriously wrong with your law firm’s ppc strategy. Whew… that wasn’t so bad, right?

Don’t lose hope, though. There is a way to ensure that your PPC marketing efforts are actually generating revenue by easily converting website visitors into clients. No, that’s not a typo, and yes this is possible!

The answer is using practice-area specific landing pages.

For example, if you are generating divorce leads, think twice before sending your precious clicks to the homepage of your website.

A more productive marketing strategy is to
send all of your clicks to your divorce landing page.

Once your website visitors land on your practice-area specific landing page, you need to give them a compelling reason to convert.

The service areas on your website should primarily focus on providing the potential clients with valuable information while simultaneously portraying your expertise and credibility about the area of practice.

TIP #4: Always Monitor Telephone And Contact Form Submissions…..Or Else!

To determine the return of investment or ROI on your ppc marketing for law firms, make sure that you monitor telephone and contact form submissions like your life depends on it.

One great way to track your calls is to integrate a call-tracking platform with analytics.

Once you set this up, you’ll not only be able to see the amount of calls that come through your PPC ads, but you’ll also obtain the necessary information to determine the keywords that produce the highest quality cases.

Another great way to monitor the keywords that lead to the best cases is to set up tracking for landing pages.

When you do this, you’ll know how many people submit the forms, which will ultimately help you determine the revenue that is generated from each lead.